Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

On my morning walk about today I noticed two defining factors, everything is dripping wet and turning green.  Wherever I look there seems to be a carpet of emerald, bowed down by diamond jewels of moisture.  Today the air was heavy with humidity, the crisp breezes of April have died away (though the showers seem to be hanging around) while May is beginning to ripen into a lush carpet of soft grass and warm air.

As I squelched through the muddy pig and chicken fields on my morning chores and splashed through endless puddles while walking the dogs, I thanked my lucky stars for the neoprene wellington boots my sister bought me for christmas the year we bought this land.  They make my passage through our dripping wet landscape a pleasure rather than a bother.  For anyone contemplating a life on a farm I would say the first thing you need to buy is a good pair of wellingtons.

Of course I wasn’t the only one enjoying the waterlogged world outside,

Endless puddles, a full pond and overflowing stream are the stuff of dreams to a certain white floof.  She comes in dripping wet, soaked up to her chest and all the happier for it.  But then she isn’t the one cleaning the floors…

Even our house has sprouted some greenery!  We’ve added a green roof to the overhang on the first floor, it is made up of hardy sedums that will hopefully thrive in that sunny spot.  A few dandelions have even colonised one section, we’ll see how long they last!  As dandelions are one of my favourite flowers I really don’t mind seeing them out of a bedroom window, it’s like having a little mid air garden.

Sitting here writing this I am struck by the sounds of birds outside, each day adding more notes to this natural spring song.  It is punctuated by the strangled sound of our cockerel, the occasion child shout or pig snort; it is the sound track of my life and one that brings the world of green and mud to life with even more brilliance.

4 thoughts on “Emerald Isle

  1. First, amazing photos. And your words are poetry!

    Second, I love dandelions too. Such happy little flowers. There’s a place in Halifax, close to a busy traffic ramp, that will soon be filled with about 4 bazillion dandelions. It’s breathtaking! Maybe I’ll try to get a photo this year…

    And finally, that green roof is rocking my world!!

    1. Dandelions rule! I have a cunning dandelion jelly plan for next week using my children as dandelion gatherers and my new pan for the cooking. A little bit of spring in a jar!

  2. oh. oh I envy you your green. I’ve been trying to do my walk to-and-from work along riverside drive here in the city, which is as green as I can make it for now. If I apply careful selective vision, then sometimes I can squint out the city and keep the green. And then it is lovely. Also, your dog is gorgeous. +Chelsea

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Chelsea : ) I have to admit I can’t quite get used to the nature surrounding us, despite having imagined it for so many years; I feel very spoiled! But she is there, no matter where you are, any splash of green is her waving at you. I’m glad you are finding some bits of green to sustain you. And if you ever feel like popping by to walk our crazy white floof never hesitate!

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