Simple Science

Simple Science

Who says science has to be complicated?  Not I.  Our science lesson this afternoon consisted of one tray of baking soda, two small cups of white vinegar and two pipettes.

The original idea came from here, I found it on Pinterest (of course).  I didn’t have food colouring as the original idea suggests but I think it would be fun for next time.  This experiment was perfect for a sickly Mummy and two bouncy boys on a cool spring day.  I’ve been ill for the last week and so I’m trying to take life very, very slowly at the moment, looking for ways to simplify and be a bit gentler on us all.

I was surprised by how this little experiment fascinated the boys, they played with it for about half an hour, and of course there was no worry about tipping it straight down the sink!  It is a salient reminder to me that life doesn’t have to be that complicated, when it comes to children particularly, it is the atmosphere that counts.  So I’m remembering that, reminding myself as I think about wellness and creating a peaceful atmosphere at home.

What the boys want and need is simply time.  They don’t really care that much about what but more about with whom.  They’d rather a tray of baking soda and vinegar and some marble run construction with a happy mummy, than a million ‘outside’ activities.  And of course it all returns back to me taking the time to look after myself, to create pockets of time for rest, to minimise driving and rushing and all those transitions that cause stress.  To be at home with them, reading, making, being together; drifting a little and taking time to just look around.


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  1. I do relate to that, so much! I notice it with my kids, all the time! What matters most is more the people they spend time with, than the activities themselves. Sure they like novelty, they love learning, but most of all, they love to share whatever they do with their mum, dad, sisters and brothers. I notice it so many times, there’s often no need for a highly elaborated, sophisticated activity (especially when mom is driving herself to exhaustion to achieve the activity!) when simple items and a happy, relaxed mom will hit the target anyway!

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