Making a Weekend

Making a Weekend

As I look over the pictures I’ve snapped these last three days I’ve noticed how much making there is going on.   That spring tingle is beginning beneath our feet and with it comes the motivation to get the house sorted before the farm work begins.  Of course there is a little farm productivity going on already in the form of our three laying hens.

I began the weekend with a breakfast of fresh eggs (just collected by Stephen) and some toast made from fresh baked bread.  Is there a better way to start the day than that?  If there is I haven’t found it.  We’ve been out and about a lot the last couple of days, a birthday party, drama class, shopping for baskets and meeting a farmer friend to talk about buying some of his pigs.  It’s been happily full.

Today is a holiday in Ontario, aptly called Family Day.  It’s given us that bit extra time together, 2 adults on deck makes such a difference.  I’ve been doing some cooking, the no stress kind that rises or stews over hours, requiring little input but creating something delicious in return.

Dough becomes bread, roasted bones yield creamy fat that is perfect to cook with and then go with veggies to make the healthiest of broths.  Dried beans rehydrate slowly, waiting to be cooked and added to a chilli, intended to fill our tummies at lunch time this week.  All of this easily slots in around our day, bubbling or rising or soaking while we go about our business.

It’s a good job too because Stephen has been busy with some making of his own,

My clever chap has built me a custom designed set of shelves to accomodate many, many baskets (I do love my baskets) and hopefully creating a more orderly environment for all of us.  I promise more pictures once I’ve organised it all to my great satisfaction!  I’m very lucky to have such a handy man about the place,  I’m taking advantage before the farm work totally takes over our free time.

In between all this business we are trying to make some time for each other, some moments of closeness that will see us through the days of separation as Stephen heads out to work for 10 hours each day.  The week seems to go so much better when we have good memories to draw on, good thoughts to sustain our hearts.  So we are making some smiles, some outside time, some hugs and laughter.  Hopefully we are making our family a little stronger, a little closer, because it doesn’t just happen, it takes work and effort each day.

This family is certainly the best thing I ever made and more than worth taking a day to enjoy it.  Wishing everyone else an equally happy one.

4 thoughts on “Making a Weekend

  1. Love late winter, the promise of spring is so close! We have RIR’s, Leghorns and a couple other types who have also just begun laying. But we can’t place your two-toned beauty. What kind of hen is she?

    1. Well the big one is a boy of undetermined parentage! We had some eggs given to us by a friend and ended up with 3 totally different chickens : ) This year I’m going for barred Plymouth Rocks to add to the laying flock, I sooooo excited!

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