Good Thoughts

Good Thoughts

This week has been a very different kettle of fish to last week, of course we have our usual ups and downs but this week has flowed much more, a little more rhythm has been achieved.  So here are some of the many things I’m grateful for this week.

– This place I live in, that astounds me every day.

– The chance to watch the moon rise, tinted by the just setting sun.

– A cosy fire to sit by and plenty of wood to keep us warm.

– Magforms that have kept my boys mightily entertained today, they think they are making cool things and I think they are doing 3D geometry and learning.  Even nicer since I put my back out hauling wood but I can still tick off maths on my homeschool organiser!

– An eldest boy who is always willing to help his old Mum, from hauling and stacking wood to helping his brother get dressed, he’s my helper boy.

– A simple life that allows me the peace of an unrushed day.

– The chance to watch bread rise by the fire, knowing it will happily fill tummies in the morning.

– My beloved, who fills my head with the dreams and possibilities of our future.  It’s going to be so great!

– The people on the other end of the phone, the ones who stop simple turning into lonely.

– The colour of the snow at sunset.

– Not having anywhere in particular to be.

– Eggs fresh from our own chickens.

– The promise of a quiet evening and hopefully an early night!

My head is a bit fuzzy after a few restless nights with a certain small person, my back is very ouchy and the chickens still have to be put to bed, there is dinner to cook and boys to wash and hoovering to do…but all that disappears for a few moments when I look out on this,

Pretty good I’d say.

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    1. I’m doing a lot better Jacinta thank you, with my little helpers doing all the heavy lifting I’m healing quickly!

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