Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

This weekend we indulged in that most Canadian festive pursuit (or should that be North American?), we went and cut-our-own Christmas tree.  On a crisp and sunny Saturday, we set forth, unknowing and hopeful into the wide blue yonder.  Evergreens beckoned and we were powerless to resist.

Map and saw in hand we inspected each different section, assessing each type of tree, the pro’s and cons of this pine or that spruce.  As we deliberated the boys ran in and out of the trees, enjoying the snow and the sunshine.

Despite the ‘help’ from the boys Stephen managed to fell our chosen tree, he then dragged it back to be bundled up and then it was into my car with a tied down boot and away.  It was probably around this time that we began to suspect that our tree was rather on the large side.  It was when we got it home and up that we realised that the tree is rather on the massive side.  What looked ‘no more than 8 feet’ (and I’m quoting) turned out to be bang on 10 feet.  Ooops.

But it is a beautiful tree, epic really.  It stands proudly, pushing furniture out of it’s way as it towers above us, brushing the ceiling with it’s up reaching branches.    Now clad in tinsel and baubles it shimmers warmly, a hub of festive feeling.  But it is the day itself that lifted my heart, the adventure of choosing and the feeling I had of evolving a new tradition.   Watching Stephen and the boys together is one of my great pleasures, I notice how much happier and calmer the boys are when they spend a day basking in Daddy’s attention.

I have to admit, I’m pretty keen on him too.  Despite fighting off a chest infection he happily chopped down a tree and, today, helped the boys to trim it.  They did this without my supervision (I have been referred to as the Christmas Tree Nazi, in the most affectionate way of course) so it doesn’t quite match and there isn’t really a theme and some of the decorations…well they aren’t ones I would have chosen.

I love it.

We are laying the foundations for many Christmases to come, traditions that will be repeated year on year; but this year it is all new and, for the first time in my ‘grown up’ life I really feel that we are at home for the holidays.

6 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. We don’t have our tree yet (sniff). But we’ll have two. Neither will be 10-feet tall. And odds are, the cats will pull one of them down. But boy, oh boy, I loves me a Christmas tree!

    1. Well doubling up on the christmas tree action should help to compensate for the smaller dimensions, but I do highly recommend a mammoth sized tree, despite the pauses in conversation it causes when you lose sight of other people in the room.

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