Due to the fact that my sister who may talk nice but is in fact a deadly ninja smurf kindly requested pictures, I was motivated to take a few snaps of our lovely new carpets.  They were installed on Friday and I spent today hoovering them to get up all of the fluff, two hoovers worth and counting…but totally worth it.

Behold the carpeted bliss,

The dark grey carpet runs up the stairs, along the landing and into our bedroom and the guest bedroom (soon to be occupied by my Papa who has flown over to help with the painting and the move), with the light blue/grey in both the boy’s bedrooms.

Having carpets down has turned this from a shell to a home.  The boys were running around upstairs and playing, a taste of things to come, and I could happily let them do it.  There were no building materials to trip over, no sharp nails to worry about, no dust to get covered in.  I am really starting to feel what living here will be like, in just a few days this will be our permanent home.

Even as the inside of the house becomes more and more lovely, I still enjoy the beautiful glimpses of outside that can be found in every room of the house.  Nature is never very far away and always seems to be calling us out to play, just for a little while.

5 sleeps to go!

12 thoughts on “Carpets

  1. So exciting! Lovely carpets that I can’t wait to sink my feet in upon the first visit to your new home. Not too long now! Congrats!

  2. You can roll around on them while I sit downstairs and eat the quinoa salad and quiche you’ll be bringing with you ; ) Seriously though. Bring them.

      1. I’m sorry/glad I made you LOL ; ) Em’s quiche and salad are worth a lol though. She’s FRENCH, do you really need to know more than that?

    1. The carpets are crazy good and it really is lovely to see the boys playing happily away in their about to be home : )

    1. That’s good because my botty is a large target these days and might require a legion of smurfs, that’ll cost you big time!

    1. Any friend of Movita is welcome in my crazy world! Thanks for the carpet compliment : ) I am just looking forward to seeing them every day. Soooooooon!

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