Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday, my 38th to be exact.  Doesn’t 38 sound like a glamorous age to you?  I don’t know if I can really live up to it but I love the sound of 38, it sounds lovelier than 37 somehow.  I spent the afternoon painting my house (we are soooooo close) and I pondered what life will be like when I don’t have to devote every spare moment to painting doors and door frames and stairs….

So what should I wish for on my 38th birthday?

No, I can’t think of anything either.


Thanks again to all my lovely family and friends who’ve let me know with emails, cards, presents, phone calls, outings and of course hugs and kisses, that they are thinking of me today.  I know it sounds trite but that really is the best gift.  

That and my new sewing machine.  I mean I love all of you but seriously, this thing could sew through concrete.  Concrete I tell you!  

6 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy birthday, friend. If I were there, I’d bake you a lovely cake and cover it with ruffles of pink buttercream. For now, I send you best wishes for a most wonderful 38th year…

    1. I am eating my virtual cake with great glee! I’m looking forward to this next year very much and the many movita recipes it will include ; )

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