Yellow Kettle

Yellow Kettle

On Saturday we said goodbye to Nana and Grandad who returned to old Blighty after a 3 week stay.  Apparently warmly inviting your relatives to stay by stealing their passports and removing them to a remote location is termed as ‘kidnapping’ (damn you Lady Justice, damn you) so we reluctantly let them leave.

It was brilliant having them here, they helped us massively with work on the house and with the boys so that we could get a seemingly never ending list of errands done in half the time.  But it wasn’t all work, there was a bit of time for some cooking, chatting, tea drinking and a little shopping.  And what does a gel with a new kitchen in the works shop for?

This little beauty is my new (highly reduced in price) kettle.  I chose to get a stove top kettle rather than an electric for a couple of reasons, 1) My stove top is on the island and I wanted to be able to boil water right there as it is the main prep and serving space and 2) They are much cooler and come in better colours.

I chose this retro yellow and this 50’s style shape because it fits in with the feel we want for the kitchen, a modern spin on vintage style.  In addition my Mother-In-Law Kath, helped us buy a whole new set of pans!  Granted ours were 12 years old and the worse for wear but we needed to replace them regardless as our new stove top is an induction so all pans require a conductive bottom to work (insert own joke here).  Again we were able to find a set with a retro styling feel which made me exceptionally happy!

The set we bought (again on sale) is by Lagostina and as well as having practical sizes that I will actually use, they have Bakelite handles and lids on the pans.  They actually really remind me of some pans my Mum had when I was little, which was reason enough to buy them; I know I’m going to enjoy cooking in them for years to come.  Something of the new and something of the old.  Lovely.

6 thoughts on “Yellow Kettle

  1. How lovely to have your family to visit. I love the family photo. As for that kettle, it is so cute. I’m sure it is going to look gorgeous in your new kitchen. I’m loving your house progress photos too by the way. We are installing a new kitchen next week. I’m looking forward to having my dream kitchen to work in, as I’m sure you are too. Jacinta

    1. Looks like we’ll both be in our kitchens around the same time! Can’t wait to see your pics and I really can’t wait to be in my own kitchen, knowing I don’t have to move for a loooooooong time!

    1. It’s a Le Creuset kettle, I got it on sale in a store nearby, I’m sure a scout on the internet would turn up a store near you ; )

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