Autumn Kitchen

Autumn Kitchen

My favourite season is in full swing with root veg galore and apples everywhere you look.  With all the mayhem of the house build I don’t feel able to fully appreciate the bedding in that autumn inspires, that feeling of settling, preparing, cosying up.  Instead we are gearing up for our second move within a year, making the final decisions on the house (I think we are approaching serious decision fatigue) and trying to find the energy for that final push.

But one place where autumn can certainly be felt is in the kitchen.  Salads are making way for roots and squashes, the roasting tins are in full use and a pan of beef stew promises nourishment and comfort after a long and busy day.

Beef stew, roasted parsnips and beets, crunchy orange sweet potatoes and crispy, fluffy white potatoes; apple and blackberry pie, glazed with soft brown sugar melting into bright yellow eggs.   That is what is in my kitchen on this autumn day, what’s on your stove?

6 thoughts on “Autumn Kitchen

  1. One portion of stew and a big apple and blackberry pie will be waiting for you upon arrival. Not long now!

    1. Ahhhhhh, just the thought of staying forever, not having to move, pack/unpack….that is sheer bliss! I keep trying to tell myself that I can have a very big settling in, in front of the fire, in November, December, January, February…

      Worth waiting for : )

    1. 2 dozen? Surely that means you could spare a few (like 10) without even noticing? Drooling just thinking about them!

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