The Fun of the Fair

The Fun of the Fair

Like a switch being turned on, October brought with it some typically autumnal weather.  Cooler days, rain and winds that remind you what your coat is for, have brushed away memories of the late summer weather we were recently basking in.

I have to admit I love it.  There is something British in me that revels in the colour of an orange leaf against a grey sky, perhaps it is genetic, or the years of living under overcast skies but this feels comforting to me.  I can be outside without overheating, I can bundle up and get cosy.  The woolens are coming out and the socks are getting an airing; cords and denim and layers.

In true autumnal style we enjoyed a brisk and breezy day (for any Non Brits that translates and cold, windy with a good dollop of rain) at the local agricultural fair.  Although, meanies that we are, we eschewed the joys of the rides and deep fried treats, we did get a good look at some gorgeous animals, vintage tractors and steam powered amusements.

I had a lovely chat with a lady at the Rare Breeds Canada stand, admired some llamas and gazed in admiration at the beautiful draft horses.  At home we refer to these giants as Shire horses and I remember seeing them and their shining brasses, along with steam engines and fair rides, at similar fairs when I was a child the same age as Huwyl.

Some things are brilliant no matter how many times you see them.

4 thoughts on “The Fun of the Fair

    1. So I haven’t quite managed to bring you over to the dark side? Perhaps a little cake persuasion is necessary ; )

  1. I would really like to get my hands on a cockshutt deluxe.
    I wonder who’s brilliant name that was?!

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