This weekend the house has taken a really big jump forward, we have proper, bone fide, plasterboard walls!  I can’t get over the difference this makes to the look of the house.  The pictures below were taken at about 6.15pm which gives you an idea of how much light was coming in and being bounced around by the beautiful white drywall!

Looking at the room boarded out (and noticing that Stephen is over 6ft tall but there is a lot of space above him) makes me realise just how high these rooms are.  I’ve always known that 10ft high would be tall but seeing it is very different.  It really does add to the feeling of space and light in the house, the feeling of airiness I’d always dreamed we might have.

But my favourite thing about the walls is how beautifully they frame the windows and the view.

This is the view I’ll be waking up to full time in just 7 weeks.  When I realise how close we are I feel like I can’t breathe, the longing to be there is so strong.  We are just so close, it is fabulous but unbearable at the same time.  I have to remind myself that the wheel will turn and life will move forward.  One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

This beautiful place became truly ours on December 22nd 2010, in the old calendar that is the beginning of the new year.  This year we will be handing back the keys on our rental house and fully beginning the new chapter in our lives on October 31st, the end of the year begun on the winter solstice.  I don’t think this is a coincidence, these dates are another reminder to me of the rightness of our move, of the feeling of the fates aligning.  As my Dad says, the gods are with us;  I really believe that.

Soon our shelter will be ready, we will be able to snuggle down and hibernate for the winter, but there is still some work to do.  This week the main floor concrete is being polished, stained and burnished, the upstairs drywall is going on and the house will be ‘mudded’.  In addition to all this we’ll be getting an electrical inspection that (if we pass!) will allow us to get electricity onto the land.  We’re also welcoming Stephen’s Mum and Dad who are coming out to help us.  Stephen’s Dad is a phenomenal carpenter and all round building genius so he’ll be building a bathroom vanity, some bookshelves and fitting the kitchen.  Oh and doing some tiling.  Maybe building cubbies too.  And a bench.

There’s work to be done and cakes to be baked, those chaps have got to be bribed somehow.  Expect more pics of progress later this week!

11 thoughts on “Walls

  1. I love stories of houses being built, so much expectation, so much longing and so much to build physically (and mentally too). Your house is beautiful! Like you, I love airiness, light, space, and this closeness to Nature. So much like my home and own path in many ways 🙂
    And..you are blessed to have step-parents so gifted and willing to help you! You’re not completely there, but I wish you lots of happiness in this new awesome place!

    1. Thank you so much! I’d love to see pictures of your house, the ones you posted of your land were absolutely stunning. We are getting so close, I just can’t wait to be in!

  2. From the comment above what is a step-parent? Lovely wishes from poetic chronicles.

    House really is coming on and I have been brushing up (pun intended) on my decorating knowledge. Really looking forward to getting stuck in and you moved in.

    1. We’ll be putting you to work in no time at all! Can’t wait for you to be here enjoying it with us. And decorating too ; )

    1. Lol, Stephen’s parent’s are my parent’s in-law, step-parent is when someone remarries as in a wicked step mother! I wouldn’t know what these are in french so don’t worry about it!

      1. Ah! I should have known this was a horrid mistake!!
        Oh well, I first thought this might be a British/American linguistic debate…turns out there’s a real difference between parents in-law and step-parents…See, in French, we use ‘beaux-parents’ for either situation, so when we translate one or the other, it comes to the same. Notice how French people are fair, generous and romantic : we use ‘beau’ (by the way it means ‘beautiful’!), even if it refers to a wicked remarried parent 😉 😉 Surely your in-laws will forgive an ever-romantic French girl? 🙂

  3. I’ve just looked at the pictures again – and we’re coming to live with you! It’s going to be great. I haven’t told 2.0 yet, but all three of our shedding cats are super-excited. We require all white rooms with white furniture, Evian water, green (only) M&M’s, and three plush cat beds.

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