Despite being a holiday weekend we were as busy as usual, mowing, doing chores and checking out sheep.   What’s that?  Pictures of ridiculously cute sheep taken on a rainy day you say?

Why I have just the thing.

If you currently want to tuck a couple of these sheep underneath your coat and make a run for it then you are in good company.  Put it this way, the children should be grateful that it was them strapped into car seats and taken home.

In case you are thinking that we just randomly wander around sheep farms on a Sunday, this was a prearranged visit with Danielle at Riverglen Farm.  She breeds Shetland sheep and we were talking to her about buying a flock either this fall or next summer.  Shetlands are originally from Scotland and, as a primitive breed, they are exceptionally well suited to the Canadian climate and great for hobby farmers.   It was extremely helpful to get a visual on what the sheep need to be safe and happy, though slightly depressing when we had to face up to our complete lack of preparedness.  Next year is all about fencing.

And then we can have some of these.

Of course 50% of our family is already very at home with the fields and livestock, which should make the transition to farm life pretty straightforward.

I’m reasonably sure sheep will be much easier.

3 thoughts on “Sheeps

  1. I’m so glad you came for a visit! I enjoyed having you and the boys out and being able to play with the farm critters. And I can’t wait to put a nice little flock together for you. I do have to warn you – sheep are highly addictive and tend to multiply before you even realize what’s going on. 🙂

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