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Month: August 2011

Oh So Tired

Oh So Tired

This song keeps going around in my head but the lyrics are I’m oh so tired….

So much going on, every day is packed and busy with more to do than there is time and energy to do it.  It is all good, the house is progressing, the chickens are laying, the boys are growing.  But I am oh so very tired.

I find the summer exhausting, does that seem odd to say?  The heat is draining, the sunshine a bit too much for this British girl.  Today it is raining and cool and I love it.   Though the glorious summers are to be celebrated, sometimes a little break from the golden brilliance is a relief.  Perhaps tonight I will sleep without tossing and turning in the humid night air.

Am I complaining?  I don’t mean to, I’m a lucky duck I know but I’m feeling more than a bit frazzled.  Juggling the demands of the build, spending hours each day organising parts, chasing people on the phone, talking to our builders, researching products online, makes for a full day.  And then there is all the ‘other’ stuff like feeding our family, regular chores, an hour or two of driving each day, chicken chores, a bit of homeschooling, meeting up with friends and some fun stuff for the kids….it goes on.

I know we are at the tipping point, approaching the downward slope.  Soon we will have passed the last hot and humid day of the year, soon the mornings will be crisp and the evenings cool.  Soon the harvest will be in and the nights will close around us like a warm blanket.  The air will smell like woodsmoke and we’ll be closing the windows at night.  And there will be time to rest.

But not yet, there is still more to do.  In the meantime Bjork is not the worst thing to have running around in your head and there is fun to be had in these last summer days.  Pool days, park days, golden summer days.



There seems to have been something of a common theme on this fine holiday morning,  perhaps we are echoing the beautiful blue sky outside but there has been rather a lot of a certain colour around here…

Blue in our pans and on our food,

On our plates and on our faces,

Even our books are blue,

And the littlest member of our family (excluding chickens) is breakfasting on…

Mushroom soup.

There’s always one isn’t there?

Blueberry Syrup Recipe

1 cup Blueberries

1 cup Maple Syrup

Add together in a pan and bring to a rolling boil, cook until blueberries are soft and the mixture looks shiny and syrupy rather than simply juicy.  Add to pancakes, french toast or anything else that takes your fancy.  Enjoy!