12 thoughts on “Moving along

  1. Like in SF movies and fantasy novels, you can actually see the creature taking shape 🙂 And it is a beautiful creature, designed to host a beautiful family!

    1. You’ve hit the proverbial nail upon it’s noggin their Miranda! Beautiful, wonderful, exciting and soooooo stressful I’m surprised I have any nails left. And that is when it is going well!

  2. Wow! The second story, that is fabulous. I remember reading ‘somewhere’ that a story of a house is called a story because the carpenters used to write the stories of what happened during the building process on the inside of the staircase. Take care. Enjoy the process. Love Katie x

    1. I’ve never heard that before! I’ll have to find some way of including that idea in our house, perhaps I can write something that can be incased in the stairway, how cool!

  3. Must be a wonderful prickly feeling seeing your house in its different stages. Are the overhangs for deep windows so that you get the sun but not the heat?

    1. Ellen, that is right. The overhangs on both floors are 3ft, this blocks the summer sun at it is higher for most of the day, this avoids too much solar gain. In the winter, when the sun is so much lower, we should get a good amount of solar gain which will help to heat the house during the day. It is based on the passiv haus model used in Europe.

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