Sew Awesome

Sew Awesome

I can go no further without mentioning a very happy moment in my life.  You may not realise it but October (and my birthday) has already rolled around and Christmas was over a week ago.   Surprised by this news?  Well maybe it was only in our house which would explain this:

I forgive you for being overcome but I caution you that licking the screen could generate some unpleasant static sensations.  Instead simply sit back and enjoy the loveliness of the Viking Emerald 203.  She is shiny, computerised and is as smooth as silk.   She has 103 stitches, speed control, a stop button that finishes a complete embroidery stitch so you never have a half stitch and a needle up down button that allows you to choose where you want the needle to begin and end.  There are so many glories about this machine I can’t even list them all.

The thing that I love the most (well it’s an equal tie with a few different features) is the way this machine starts.  No judders, catching, nesting of the thread, stopping, ripping holes in fabric, going too fast or too slow or both within a weird time frame that then causes the machine to jam up…. No this beauty just goes.

She was a surprise gift from Stephen and my Dad, an early birthday/Christmas gift and, I suspect, partly to stop me from whining continually and generally moping about the place and sighing whilst looking at pattern books.  It worked. I think I am at risk of becoming addicted to sewing, I am just loving using this machine sooooo much.   In the last week I’ve made some shorts for Neirin, repaired a dress, made a table mat with decorative stitching and made Huwyl a play cape.

This is the project I want to share because it is the one I am most proud of and one I made knowing I was going to be using my new machine. All credit to the pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated, a book I am really enjoying and am eying up many other projects for the boys and for gifts.  Like all Meg’s patterns the instructions are really accurate and the patterns work beautifully.  The fabric was actually one I was given, a curtain my friend had no use for that became this lovely hooded cape.

As you can see above this is a serious cape for a serious wizard (that was Huwyl’s serious wizard face), Huwyl has worn it quite a lot since I gave it to him on Sunday and I am really pleased with the way it fits him.  I added a star detail around the hood and bottom of the cape to fancy it up a bit and, well basically because I could.  That’s another thing I love about this machine, it has embroidery stitches that you can happily use for boy things as well as lots of lovely flowers and hearts.  Keep your eyes peeled for more boy embroidery to come!

I have a hat cut out for Huwyl and grand plans for shorts and another play cape for Neirin as well as some t-shirts and bags…that should keep me occupied for a while.  But when you have such an appreciative recipient, could you resist?

9 thoughts on “Sew Awesome

  1. WOW! That is awesome, you have two lucky boys to have such a talented mama! Enjoy your new toy, you deserve it!

    1. Ahhh, I really can’t take any credit, the machine does most of the work! I know who would look good in one of those capes….

  2. I’m in complete envy of your new sewing machine! The pressure foot on mine just stopped pressing last night, and its’ begun making a funny squeaking noise… *sigh* I’d love to hear a review of your new machine after you’ve had a bit more time to get to know her!

    Also, the cape is adorable. Great colour, and the embroidered stars are lovely!

    1. I can’t recommend it enough, sewing on it is bliss! I think I will do a review soon, there doesn’t seem to be much info ‘out there’ about this machine yet. I loves it!

    1. You are so sweet : ) I have to admit I am so loving this machine, it is my happy place and I am looking forward to many, many, many projects sewn on it!

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