Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

First of all thank you to everyone who left a kind comment yesterday, each one was read and brought comfort and a little smile.

And to avoid the dwelling or slipping into maudlin mode let’s celebrate the little joys of life shall we?  There’s been some fun painting going on around here recently, all ideas nicked from The Artful Parent.  First off salt line painting, very cute and effective.  As you can imagine Neirin kind of went his own way.

The second project (but part of the same painting session in case you think I never change my children’s clothes) was crayon resist.  White crayon on white paper, magically revealed by the paint.  Loved it!

I love their concentration and seriousness.  I love how they embrace each project, each new idea and explore it to death, even if that means killing it.  I love that the exploration matters more than the outcome.  And I love hearing Huwyl say “Neirin is just doing things his way isn’t he Mum?  And I’m doing things in my own way.”  Yes indeed my love; words to live by.

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