Coop des gras

Coop des gras

Well it has been all go round these here parts.  Not only is the house flying up but we have 4 laying chickens arriving on Friday.  Of course it would be sort of helpful if they had somewhere to live so Stephen got to building.  He had to abandon reclaiming some wood from the sheds on the land due to them being rotten and useless.  So he reclaimed a bit left over from the build and ordered the rest.

Now I have to give Stephen some major snaps for this project.  He has designed this himself and worked in 39C heat for two days solid to get this ready, all because I got it into my head that I just couldn’t wait for laying chickens.  I’m like that.  Bless him he indulges my madness and has produced a home I know our new girls will be very cosy in.  In the photo above is Dave “The Man” Cherry our awesome GC who helped Stephen for 10 mins but the rest is all his own work.  Oh and Huwyl helped too of course.

Once we have them settled and the run is up we will introduce our not so teeny chicks to the flock, but one thing at a time.  Stephen will be building the run on Saturday as the girls need to stay in for a couple of days to settle in.  I’ll be getting things all set up with 4 inches of sawdust on the floor and some straw for the nesting boxes on Thursday.  We are going to be using the deep litter method which minimises cleaning out and is cosy for chickens to walk on too.  Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we have super fresh eggs for the scoffing.

In case you are wondering what my contribution was, allow me to point out the branch leaning against the house, that is the perch.  I cut that I did.  Can’t see it?

No need to thank me babe, I’m here to help.

4 thoughts on “Coop des gras

  1. Beauty! Well done Stephen! Oh and Emma, I can just picture the joy on the chickens faces while perched on your perfectly trimmed branch ; ).

    1. It really is the branch that finished it off, I have to take credit. I suppose the 15 hours of work Stephen did also count but finishing touches are all : )

  2. funnily enough, Ottawa city just asked me for the plans. They’re thinking of turning Landsdowne into one massive chicken coop and were looking for advice. I told them no way will Emma be able to find another branch as good as that one. No. Way.

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