Moving on up

Moving on up

What’s that you say?  Your life seems an empty hollow shell and only pictures of an ongoing build with actual walls will satisfy you?  Well I happen to have the very thing!

Ok, that is a lot of pictures of wooden beams but I just can’t get enough!  I was so happy I actually hugged one of my walls.   We have walls!  Granted the ones on the south side are mostly gaps where the whacking great big windows are going to go but we have a first floor!

Standing on a solid floor, surrounded by solid Canadian timber, brought home to me that this is real.  This is happening.  We have brought to life this imagined thing, it will exist in the world because of us.  Where there was empty land and rotting vehicles there is now a house, a home.  There will be a farm, filled with life.  It is a bit much to take in sometimes so I simply switch off my brain and take in the view.  The unending green of trees and fields reflect their calm back at me.  This is where I am going to live.  I am soothed.

By Canada Day we will have a framed main floor, it will be next week before they begin putting in the joists and framing the bedrooms.  So I promise it will be a little while before I have yet another long series of photos of my being formed house.

Ok just one more.

Please join me in running around the room in little circles whilst emitting excited peeping sounds.  Double yay and a dose of wahoooo!

14 thoughts on “Moving on up

  1. From this end, I’m finding it exciting watching your house come to life – goodness knows how you feel!! It’s lovely to see your pictures and hear about what you have all been up to; thank you for sharing.xo

  2. The diagonal beams resting from wall to floor are an interesting architectural detail I have never seen before. You british genius 🙂 As for emitting exciting peeping sound while running around in circles, I think you’ve had to much mingling with those chickens….I’m just sayin’…..

    All kidding aside, your house already looks beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pics…Actually, you’re a day late, I was looking for pics yesterday….geesh…making us wait….honest to God!

    1. Well you frenchies obviously know nothing about architecture, I mean what great architectural feats have the french ever come up with? Oh…well…yes..quite a few I suppose.

      Whatevs! You’ll be happy when I make you something yummy with my chicken’s botty eggs!

    1. I just can’t wait for it all to be up, it is progressing at quite a pace. More peeps of excitement!

  3. Oh, this is exciting. Our house is looking very good indeed. I can almost picture the kitchen… yup, there’s the stove. And a big table for eating and drawing. Ah, and there’s the summer breeze blowin’ through the windows… I think we’re going to be very happy here.

    1. There we are cooking, making jam, cooking with the eggs we collected from our chickens. And here we are washing up….wait…come back you!

  4. Ack! So exciting to see your house start up from the very beginning. I am sure you are overwhelmed and equally happy. Be kind to yourself during all that you and your family are achieving – it makes it much more enjoyable.

    Best wishes,

    1. Wise words Nicole, you are of course right. I find it tough to cut us all a bit of slack and then I am a misery and wondering why. I’m trying to be kinder to myself and all of us during this time of joy but also stress.

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