Is it too early for pigs?

Is it too early for pigs?

Is it really ever too early to be thinking about pigs? I’ve had a slight obsession with them since attending a one-day Rare Breed Pig Rearing course at Pig Paradise in the UK almost 10 years ago.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the breeds have the same visual appeal as the hairy arse of a fat gallic builder, but they certainly taste yummy (the processed pigs, not french construction workers).

The cumberland sausage that Pig Paradise served for lunch is something I still remember and salivate about. It actually had a real pork taste and none of those wobbly white bits suspiciously embedded in the meat.
So, since the next stage of the house build is now underway (the construction crew are getting started on our new driveway next week), I don’t have too much to do until the next round of cheques need to be written. Naturally my thoughts turned to pigs and, more importantly, to the chance of ticking off at least three of the items on my “Things To Do Before Dying or Visiting Belgium” list:
 (#18)  Throw a monster spit roast pig party with bonfire, fiddles and barrels of booze
 (#26)  Make my own sausages
 (#31)  Pose for a photo with a piglet under each arm

Of course, when posing for a photo of such importance, selecting the right breed is crucial. The Tamworth is a nice pig, but to be blunt, it’s ginger. That’s not going to set my colouring off in a good way. Really, there’s only three breeds that I can sensibly consider: Gloucester Old Spots, Wessex Saddlebacks and Yorkshire Blacks.

Of course everyone looks good in black, but even so, these three breeds are without doubt the Beautiful People of the pig world. Each have their advantages and are hardy enough for Canada. In fact, a hobbyfarmer up the road from us has a herd of Yorkshire Blacks. So whichever of these beautiful pigs we end up getting, I’ll be as happy as…well, as happy as a pig in shit 😉

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