Nummy Lunch

Nummy Lunch

Looking for something delicious, quick, filling and healthy for lunch?  Of course you are.  So I thought I’d share one of my all time favourite lunches.  I can’t really take credit as I stole the idea from my friend Cheryl (the woman knows everything, it’s eerie) after she made it for me for lunch one happy playdate.

You will need:

1 can black beans

Olive Oil

Minced Garlic

Avocado (add lemon if you like, it’s yummy)

Grated (shredded) mozzarella

Salsa (optional but tasty)

Whole wheat tortillas cut in half

Warm the oil and about a teaspoon of minced garlic in a frying pan, add more garlic if you don’t intend to snog anyone or attend a job interview in the near future.  Rinse the beans and then add to the pan, warm through.

Mash the avocado and add lemon if you wish.  Spoon on salsa, avocado then add beans and top with mozzarella and roll into a package of deliciousness.  Scoff and eat several more, feeling exceptionally virtuous about eating so much avocado which is a super food and will soak up any chocolate you eat for the rest of the day.  Science at work my friends.

This meal suits my mood perfectly right now.  As the weather warms my body starts to crave nourishing, fresh and light foods, the stuff of summer.  Of course I still want to feel full and satisfied and it doesn’t hurt that the beans, avocado and cheese all contain lots of protein giving me a nice energy boost.

In an effort to be more prepared in offering the boys healthy snacks too I spent 20 minutes this morning chopping up half a bag of carrots so I have delicious sticks ready to slap on the table with a tub of hummus in moments.  I’m hoping to avert some of those ‘hungry meltdowns’ that we’ve been having around these parts, despite mummy getting meals ready ever earlier.

Who could resist those bright orange slivers?  Huwyl tucked into a whole handful alongside his lunch time wrap and I’m thinking of using them as a way of weaning the boys off their veggie crisp side dish obsession.  So far so good!

I’m also making my old standby homemade Lara bars (this link will take you to my old blog) and started the day with a fantastic smoothie that Stephen made with the boys yesterday afternoon.   A smoothie felt like the perfect way to kick start my system in a way that toast and jam doesn’t quite manage.  I’m so looking forward to eating much more delicious, fresh and, when possible, local produce over the coming months.  What summer food are you enjoying right now?

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    1. That is all gone now! I’m going to have a stab at some home made I think, not sure if it will be able to compete!

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