16 years

16 years

It’s been 16 years since I walked into your room, your life, your heart.  16 years since you looked up, your eyes met mine and…well that was that wasn’t it?  There have been ups, there have been downs but through it all has been us.  We’ve wandered the earth apart and then together and here we are.  Here you are, the man of my heart.  You really are everything to me, my beloved.

This one’s for you babe.  Happy Anniversary.


15 thoughts on “16 years

  1. Emma was wearing a turquoise plastic raincoat and came to see my best friend, interrupting our regular weekend clubbing night out. I do believe she let out a little lady-trump when she saw me, surprised that the star of a recent university poster campaign could be scoffing a meat pie on the sofa in front of her.

    Needless to say, I was dazzled by the audacity of her wardrobe and for that reason alone, vowed to make her mine. It was, one must say, surprisingly easy. I’ve been in awe of her fashion and pie-making skills ever since.

    1. And I am in awe of your pie scoffing skills my love. Though the quality has improved from suet and bottom filling to something organic and free range! I still wish I had that turquoise coat, it really was rather fabulous.

      Not as fabulous as you though ; )

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I did this week (7th) nine !!!!
    Well I didn’t say things so beauty like you, but this is the post

    “We all seek our half.
    It is as if we had the blurred vision. Is there, but not see it.
    Ro is my soulmate.
    Although we are not perfect fit very well.
    Then come the children.
    And they’re always there
    My better half and I have completed 9 years of being together.”


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