There has been a bit of sickness in the house for the last few days.  First my energy levels dropped, then Huwyl spiked a temperature and then, last night, Neirin did too.  He is nearly two and this is only his second illness since a 24hr bout of croup last christmas.  Huwyl is mostly fine but more than happy to be cosying up for the day and I am feeling tired so the same goes for me.

The only medicine for Neirin right now is lots of nursing and Mummy cuddles so that is what he’ll be getting.  In the meantime I’ve made up an oil to help with colds, stuffiness and getting rid of bugs in the air.  Here is the blend:

Cold Relieving Oil

Lime 3 drops

Eucalyptus 4 drops

Ravensara 3 drops

Sage 3 drops (avoid if pregnant)

Lavender 4 drops

Clove 1 drop (avoid if pregnant)

Mix all oils together in a mixer bottle (I use 5ml amber bottles that are inexpensive to buy) and us a couple of drops in a bath or on a pillowcase, 3-5 drops for a tissue that you can carry around.  This should help reduce congestion, a sore throat and help to soothe and calm.  For children (over 2 years) a drop on a tissue tucked beneath a pillow will work well.

I wouldn’t use anything stronger than Lavender or Chamomile for really young children or infants (or those who have compromised immunity for other reasons) and have actually found that Lavender works very well on colds, it is also great for killing off germs so using it to wipe down counters, door handles and diffusing into the air is great.  Again just add a drop of the oil to a tissue and place out of the little one’s reach.

If you would like to use the above blend in a bath I would place in at the beginning of the bath in order to let the oils diffuse into the air.  If you are using it for children over 2 a drop in the sink with warm water in is preferable then it diffuses into the air but isn’t too harsh.  Again, if in doubt just use Lavender, add Chamomile if there is congestion.

Be well!

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  1. I hope you all feel better soon. Thanks for the essential oil tips. I’m a little bit at a loss for what to do with Gretta’s cough. It just won’t go away and I’ve never had to deal with any sickness with my girls and now she’s had a double ear infection and a three month cough. It makes me a little nervous. We are trying a lot of probiotics right now hoping that we can heal her tummy up from those nasty antibiotics.

    1. Hi Lola, I’ve left you a comment on your blog about some suggestions for coughs in little ones. I find the Eclectic Kids range of tinctures to be excellent (they are known as Herbs for Kids in the US) and they have one for coughs. Also I’d recommend a chiropractor if possible, one that is used to working with children, this can help enormously with fluid build up in the ears in my experience. Ear infections are often signs of dairy intolerance too. If you can get back to me with some more info I’ll see if I can come up with a few more suggestions other than those above and the ones I left on your blog. Take care.

      1. thanks for all the information. My girls have never had ear infections or been sick so this is kinda new to me. I’ve researched a lot but it’s always been in theory. I haven’t been able to have dairy at all for a couple of years so I know it’s not that, although I’m sure it would be worse if I were on it. She is still exclusively breastfed so It’s not something she’s eating. I got a really severe ear infection myself when I was 38 weeks pregnant with her and had to go on some pretty hardcore antibiotics ( which I REALLY didn’t want to do) and meds and I honestly think that’s the problem. She got really bad thrush at a few weeks old and while she growing and healthy she’s prone to coughs colds and now ear infections. She gets plenty of vitamin D through me and now also through drops. I’m going to go get an infant probiotic to put her on and try to get her in to see a naturopath. I’ll look into a chiropractor. I’m also going to try to find some of the herbs.

        1. No problem, I hate thinking of people being ill, especially Mums and beans! Have you tried any homeopathics? My first thought would be chamomilla as chamomile is drying and helpful for excess of fluid or mucous and helpful in dealing with ear problems and teething. You could also try drinking plenty of the actual herb tea yourself and add some tea to her bath water for a nice steam. You could use the oil on a tissue (just a drop) to help through the night or put some in a burner to diffuse through the house. Calming for all concerned and healing too. Are you on probiotics yourself? If you can get your system balanced I’m sure it will help your little one, and help you feel up to dealing with a poorly bean too. I find that taking echinacea myself really helps my little guy and combined with astragalus it would help to build deep immunity as well as dealing with current infections.
          I can’t recommend a chiropractor enough, good ones are so invaluable. I’ve been taking my youngest since he was born and it helped enormously. Both my boys are adjusted regularly and I take them if they have a heavy cold too. My chiro told me to massage gently down the side of the neck, from behind the ear down over the lymph nodes to help release fluid build up. If you can find one to take your little girl too I think it would help enormously. Also putting breastmilk in her ear should help too, it will certainly reduce any soreness and swelling. I will keep thinking and let you know if I can come up with anything else!

  2. ok… this is the pic I LOVE, LOVE LOVE. So handsome. Need to do an oil shop to make up some of these great remedies. Just got my books in the mail today:)

    1. You make me laugh you nutter. Glad you’ve got the books! The good thing about them is that you can select from the recommended oils rather than only do the blends, it is cheaper that way. It took me years to build up a stock of oils and is an ongoing thing. Go for the most frequently used ones first then build up a selection of others if you think you will use them ; )

    1. I love Ravensara too! I find it is a good ‘background’ oil as well, it seems to harmonise and boost other oils as it has both the menthol and almost citrus notes. Apparently it can be mixed with vasaline to make a chest rub for coughs though I’ve never tried it.

    1. Lol, he is a cutie. He spent a good hour wandering around the house in Stephen’s winter boots and hat, those are the great toddler moments!

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