Faery Sleep Spray

Faery Sleep Spray

Over Christmas I had a little bout of making some hand made pressies for friends, one of the things I included for some of the children I know was a Faery Sleep Spray.  Unfortunately I forgot about a couple of special children that I have quite a close relationship with.  Yes, that would be my children.  So I have made up another little batch and thought I would share the process.

What you will need:

A 30ml spray bottle.  I bought mine from a Canadian company here but this company has a good reputation if you are in the US.


Essential oils – I used Lavender and Chamomile, 3-4 drops of Lavender and 2-3 drops of Chamomile.


Fill the bottle with water and then add the essential oils.    I used about 5-6 drops of oil as this was intended for children and I just want to gently scent the room not create a very strong smell.  Given that the concentration of oil to water is not strong it is important to allow the oil to sit in the water for a little while before spraying, this allows the scent to diffuse throughout the water creating a pleasing smell but avoiding irritation or danger to eyes and faces.

The spray can be used in a bedroom just before bed or even sprayed directly onto a pillow.  The advantage of the low concentration is that the spray will not cause irritation to skin if it is sprayed directly onto a person by accident (though care should still be taken to avoid the spray getting into anyone’s eyes) and is should not stain or damage hardwood or painted surfaces.

Luckily these are scents that are especially pleasing to faeries and so they are much more likely to visit if the spray is used in the room.  It is a signal to the faeries that the child in the room is ready for sleep and so ready to have a faery visitor in their dreams.  Of course a faery will not visit unless they are sure that the child is fast asleep so they should snuggle down and nod off as soon as possible.

Parents may be pleased to know that Lavender and Chamomile are soothing oils that promote relaxation and sleep and are especially soothing for children.  Chamomile can also help support a baby or young child who is teething and it will certainly not hurt anyone to be in a room with a pleasant atmosphere, especially when all are suffering.   I use both of these oils (I often alternate them so that the effects are not diminished) in baths or on a heat pack, allowing the scent of warmed wheat berries and oil to mingle and soothe as we snuggle for a story before sleep time.  This can also help to soothe and calm a Mummy or Daddy at the end of a long day.

So if you are looking to invite happy dreams and pleasant smells into your bedrooms then a Faery Spray might be just the ticket.  And to go with the lovely smells,  here is a little poem to whisper before bed.

The night is here, until morning dew,

Sweet dreams, sweet dreams, sweet dreams to you…

2 thoughts on “Faery Sleep Spray

  1. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! (Makes my day!)

    Your post today got me thinking about the lavender pillow we used to use on Lucy’s changing table when she was little. I think I’m going to pull it out tonight when she’s nursing before bed–she’s been super squirmy lately, and it might be just the thing. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Hi there Lise, I am such a fan of Lavender especially for little people. It works in so many different ways, is simple and relatively cheap. I love how many applications it has from relaxing to disinfecting, it is such an amazing herb!

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